9. March 2023

Mette-Katrine Francke Andersen

Meet Wila in the US dairy state in April  

Meet us at booth 322 at CheeseCon in Madison, Wisconsin, here our new US Sales Manager Felicity Plansky and our Danish Sales Manager Christian Jorgensen will be highlighting Wila’s stainless-steel Membrane Housings, ATD’s and Tubular Heat Exchangers for dairy, food, pharma, and other markets. They will be available for questions on products and technical aspects and announcing our new ASME certification, which will be issued in May. 

As many of our current and potential customers related to the dairy industry will be present, it’s only natural that Wila is to attend the CheeseCon event from April 4-6, 2023 – the largest dairy conference in Wisconsin, the US dairy state. The conference brings together around 3,000 industry players who will share information on the latest technology in cheese-making, milk and whey processing, product safety, and dairy export.

“The American market is growing; it is important for us to be present. CheeseCon offers a unique opportunity to present Wila’s strategic products and our strong values regarding high quality, reliability of delivery, and the people-centered approach we offer our customers,” says Sales Manager Christian Jørgensen, who has a background in the process industry and is one of the representatives attending the conference. 

Welcome our new Sales Manager in the US 

Wila is already well on its way into the US market and has hired Sales Manager Felicity Plansky as of January 1 – read more about her here. She is ready to meet customers at the conference and draw on her network from the membrane industry. 

“CheeseCon is the dairy industry’s single best interaction between processors and solutions providers – all in one giant hall. Our goal is to market the fact that Wila is now well-established in the US Market. We are excited to connect with existing customers in person and through networking to establish new relationships by showcasing Wila’s high-quality product line of Membrane Housings, ATD’s and Heat Exchangers.” 

Felicity Plansky, Sales Manager at Wila A/S

She believes that attending the conference is an important part of the growth journey that Wila has embarked on over the past three years. 

“Attending CheeseCon 23 puts Wila in front of CEOs, marketing staff and product distributors, plant managers, food safety and quality assurance staff, young professionals, salespeople, and more! It certainly is the event to attend when launching Wila in the US,” Felicity Plansky explains. 

Insight into market developments  

Networking events, seminars, and workshops will be hosted during the CheeseCon event. Felicity Plansky and Christian Jørgensen both hope they can bring new insights home with them to customers in Europe and beyond. 

“Attending the technical sessions will reflect our interest in understanding the current trends within the cheese and whey industry that utilizes Wila’s product range,” says Felicity Plansky. “We hope to gain even more knowledge about the current direction of the market while providing answers to the technical questions that our customers may have.” Christian Jørgensen concludes.

Quality assurance for our US customers 

Felicity has great ambitions for Wila in the US and is convinced that a very good collaboration will take shape across In May, Wila will receive an ASME Certificate of Acceptance that guarantees that the company meets the standards demanded by customers in the US market. You can read more about the process here or learn more about this at the conference. 

“At Wila A/S, we have a dedicated and skilled staff who perform all tasks with common sense, great professionalism, pride and expertise.”