14. August 2020


Silkeborg honours Wila A/S

Most cities are proud of their companies. Of the journey of the city and the plenty industrial adventures that have put the area on the map. SMV Silkeborg – formerly known as Silkeborg Håndværkerforening – has appointed Wila A/S and our founder Lars Lauridsen to Honory Craftsman of the Year which we are very proud of.

At Wila, there have always been multiple bottom lines: Economic and key figures – and responsibility in terms of people and the society which we are part of.

SMV Silkeborg reasons the appointment with Wila’s journey from a single service truck to an international company and one of the city’s big workplaces. The joy is especially big because the appointment puts emphasis on the values and the DNA that have characterized Lars Lauridsen and Wila through the whole journey:

  • Support for the next youth generation
  • Interest and focus on vocational education
  • Visibility and investment in local sports, culture and athletics
  • Focus on the local society and development

– I am especially happy that the business community in Silkeborg has noticed that I have tried to drive the company forward with values as professionalism, order and integrity. This is the biggest acknowledgement that I, the employees and the company can obtain” tells Lars Lauridsen.

In the middle of a world with great competition, challenges and changeable markets, it is lovely wonderful to get acknowledgement from the colleagues who call themselves craftsmen.

At Wila, we share the joy and glory with all of our employees.

“At Wila A/S, we have a dedicated and skilled staff who perform all tasks with common sense, great professionalism, pride and expertise.”