18. January 2021


Times change and there is a new mantra and a new production planner

The summer holidays saw a historically high level of activity for Wila. This is why our company is very humble and grateful at the end of 2020. In a world where most people hold their breath because of Covid-19 restrictions and the consequent economical problems Wila’s most important focus is to always optimise reliability of delivery, short lead times and good quality.

Times of economic challenges require greater safety for all of us. And when Wila’s mantra is to ensure great reliability of delivery, short lead times and uniform, good quality, then one must make sure that one sees things clearly. Keeping that in mind, it is with great pleasure that we welcome Annette Sveigaard as a production planner with Wila. This position was just created and adapted to the requirements of Wila’s customers.

 CEO Ilhami Alici states:

“The new position as a production planner aims to strengthen Wila’s overall overview and lead to improved transparency and control of internal planning across departments. The people who deal with orders constitute a permanent part of Wila’s staff and they’re crucial in terms of reacting quickly to incoming orders and production routes. In this way we save our customers a great deal of trouble, and we make sure that they don’t lose money because of waiting time, delays and production shutdowns.”

A part of the journey and a human perspective

But what can Wila offer its staff and what kind of reputation do we have? In order to introduce Annette, but also to describe the world around us, we have asked Annette why she wanted to obtain employment with Wila. In a way, she had two reasons. She says:
“I applied for a job with Wila to become a part of the great journey of growth that Wila is enjoying; this includes a Lean journey and future new ERP implementation. Wila doesn’t only focus on machines, but also on people and healthy values.”
Annette also applied for the job in the hope that she would have the opportunity to explore, reflect on and provide new perspectives for her professional field.
“I love planning and coordination and I want to help create a structure in processes in order to ensure there’s a high level of reliability of delivery,” says Annette.

Time for ideas that create a better flow

Wila is an ambitious company and it is a pleasure that there is so much enthusiasm and involvement. This also means that it is great to learn that Annette wants to bring into play her training within project and change management in her new job. She aims to handle the job with a special “focus on identifying and making visible potential efficiency measures and bottlenecks all the way through the value chain from order reception to when a product is ready for the customer.”

Wila’s staff believes that everything is related. Interaction between colleagues and innovation are critical to whether Wila will progress further over the coming years. We believe that our ability to think big and come up with new ideas will be strengthened when we obtain an overview that is as detailed as possible of the movement and the pattern that our product’s development follows from order to shipping.

It is important that we recognise all small units and every single individual that help raise Wila’s quality, speed and reliability of delivery. We hope that, by the help of our key employees, we can make things progress even more than they are progressing today and that we can keep coming up with new ideas. Not only to strengthen our customers’ guarantee in terms reliability of delivery, but also to obtain a better overview of conditions in our various departments and their requirements and ability to work with one another. Annette Sveigaard’s position as a production planner is the first step in a development that we cannot wait to begin.

The only thing that remains is to set the sails and say welcome to Annette Sveigaard!  

“At Wila A/S, we have a dedicated and skilled staff who perform all tasks with common sense, great professionalism, pride and expertise.”