7. March 2024

Mette-Katrine Francke Andersen

Preparing the next generation of engineers

At Wila, we recognize the critical importance of nurturing tomorrow’s workforce, focusing not only on blacksmiths and industrial technicians through apprenticeships but also on upcoming engineers. That is why it has been a longstanding tradition to open our doors to interns, a practice deeply rooted in our belief in investing in young people and their education.

Silkeborg, Denmark – march 7th 2024

Interns offer alternative perspectives and the latest academic insights

Steen Nordmark, Wila’s Chief Commercial Officer, confirms the significance of interns in our dynamic environment.

“We welcome interns with excitement for the new knowledge they bring us and for applying the theory from their studies in our daily work. Interns bring energy to the team and perhaps even new perspectives on our company and tasks.”

Steen Nordmark, CCO Wila A/S

Our interns do not just observe; they actively contribute to projects, engage with our customers, and bring the latest theoretical insights. As a fully integrated part of our team, they work alongside experienced engineers.

The internship program extends beyond desks and meeting rooms. With direct access to our production facilities, we give our interns a deep insight into the production process and help them understand the practical side of engineering. Our internship programs are not just about completing projects; they are about crafting a meaningful experience that shapes the future of both the interns and our company.

Meet us at Internship and Project Day this week

As we participate in this week’s “Internship and Project Day” event held in Aarhus, we invite potential engineering talents to be part of our team. This is a chance to contribute to exciting projects and join a team that believes in innovation, inclusion, and the limitless potential of the next generation of engineers.

Reach out to learn more about our internship programs at Wila.

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Mechanical Engineer


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