What do our customers say?

Arla Foods amba: ”Wila is much more than our supplier”

At Wila, it is important to keep the dialogue going. We must always be up to date with the market demand, development and innovation. Our customers are the most important factor in this development process. One of them is Arla Foods amba which see more potentials in Wila than just being a supplier

“We see Wila as an innovative partner and supplier but Wila is capable of more than “just” offering stainless tanks and components,” expresses the Arla Foods amba team.

A dynamic process and a security

When one of the world’s biggest dairies needs to ensure the qualitative proceeds, ability to deliver, quality and sparring are the basic needs that must be covered. In a market with constant movement, the sparring between supplier and project manager is important to frame exactly what is needed.

“Through several projects we have had a good collaboration with everyone at Wila and we have used Wila as sparring partner to solve and develop specific tasks.”

With this process in mind, Arla Foods Amba speak approvingly of Wila as flexible and prompt at matching their delivery times with the customers’ needs.

FF Engineering: Wila takes responsibility – and takes the time for us

FF Engineering offers packaging and production equipment to the pharma, food and cosmetic industries. Their broad professional abilities and professional service is a pleasure for Wila to be a part of. When FF Engineering and Wila agreed on a partnership in 2014, the tasks grew. This has resulted in a 6-years long, continuous partnership.

Time despite growth

Even though FF Engineering and Wila have continuously grown and developed, FF Engineering have experienced that there have been time to talk things through.

“Wila have been and are still in a development phase. Still, help is always at hand when there is need for development of special equipment for our customers. Wila have a construction department and production facilities that several of our suppliers do not. They take a big responsibility of their production to us. This makes a large difference.”

A specialized partnership

With a broad clientele and a need for specialized and innovative solutions, Wila are often in play at FF Engineering when special equipment is to be made for the food industry.

“Our projects at FF Engineering West contribute with more than 80% of the dairy sector. In the dairy sector, Wila have from the beginning of our partnership been our preferred supplier and partner in the projects. This also goes for other sectors of the food industry. We are greatly satisfied with our partnership and we expect it to still last plenty of years.”

“At Wila A/S, we have a dedicated and skilled staff who perform all tasks with common sense, great professionalism, pride and expertise.”