Innovation – driven by people

It all began more than 20 years ago. With strong competence in stainless steel, two people’s shared dream of going their own way, and a remarkable willingness to cultivate cooperation, leadership, and credibility  Values and DNA, which the market today refers to as CSR and responsibility.  

Over the years, competencies have been strengthened, and solutions innovated with many well-known customers and partners. Production has expanded to over 8,000 m2. The organization has grown from 2 to 80 people, thanks to our skilled employees always striving for the best result. At Wila, the sum of knowledge equals our employees.  

We live in an ever-changing digitalized world with AI and intelligent robots on the rise. It is important to acknowledge this development and be adaptable in a competitive globalized world, however, behind each innovative solution at Wila, it is important to acknowledge our employees, who are capeable of optimizing the workflow with AI and intelligent robots.   

Wila develops and manufactures technical solutions for industries such as the food and beverage industry. We are known for our technical solutions, designed for specific and concrete customer needs. So, even though we use best practices, knowledge, and standards, our strength is working with our customers, ensuring that each task is solved uniquely, innovatively, and optimally. Because we can’t help it – and because we always seek the most optimal solution – financially and operationally.

Dedication, commitment and decency  

At Wila, every employee is part of the solution. We firmly believe in our employees’ skills, and their ability to contribute to the right solution. The knowledge and innovative power our employees possess comes into play and ranges widely from the design department to production.  

We help each other, understand our customers’ differences, and are all driven by the desire and commitment to do the best every day for our customers.  

We are concerned with doing things properly. A virtue that lies deep within our DNA. That’s why we always keep our word and go all the way to fulfill our promises. We put a lot of pride into our partnerships, this is seen in our interest, commitment and unique tailormade solutions provided to you. You can count on us and trust us to take responsibility for our services into your value chain. In other words, we’re dependable. Not just this time – but many years to come. 

More bottom lines  

At Wila, there are several responsibilities connected to the bottom lines. One is about finances and key figures, and the other is about people, society, and responsibility. Every day, we carry out our own goals and requirements for CSR, always seeking to strengthen the company culture from our employees to our commitment in the local communities and the responsibility we must grasp in our position.  

We set the ambitious goals for the green transition and are more than pleased to cooperate with you in relation to certification, traceability and sustainable solutions further strengthening competitiveness and bottom lines.  

Growth in a competitive world

At Wila, growth is not a prerequisite, but a core part of our everyday lives. Together with our customers, we grow every day. We are very proud of our strong partnerships with customers and markets.  

By producing equipment and solutions of all sizes in stainless steel, we are part of the food chain of a wide range of products, especially within the food and beverage industry. With dedication and innovation, we stand as your trusted partner and provide unique solutions that meet the highest standards of hygiene and safety.  

We call it: Innovation – driven by people.  

The strength comes from the intersection between the people we work with and those we have on our teams.  

A strength we are proud of which takes us further into an exciting future with our customers.  


Wila contributes to a better food production.  


Wila’s brand present in all process equipment in food manufacturing.  


Innovation driven by trustworthy and dedicated people.  

“At Wila A/S, we have a dedicated and skilled staff who perform all tasks with common sense, great professionalism, pride and expertise.”