Innovation – driven by people

It all started more than 20 years ago. With strong competencies in stainless steel, the common dream of two people wishing to go their own way, and the will to see collaboration, leadership, and trust in the right perspective. Values and DNA, which today are called CSR and responsibility.

As the years have passed by, our competencies have been strengthened and solutions have been innovated in collaboration with numerous customers and partners. The production has been expanded to more than 8000 m2. The organization has grown from 2 to 80 individuals and the employees always come before machines. At Wila, our wisdom equals our employees.

We discuss digitalization a lot, as well as AU and intelligent robots. This is how we see the world, but behind every solution is an even more intelligent person. This is how simple the foundation of Wila’s business is.

At Wila, we develop and produce technical solutions for the food and beverage industry. We are known for our technical solutions, which all have been developed for specific and concrete needs. This means that even though we make use of best practice, expertise, and high standards our strength is to collaborate with our customers to ensure the most unique, innovative, and optimal solution. We cannot help doing so, as we have always been committed to providing the most favourable outcome, both financially as well as operationally.

Dedication, engagement, and propriety.

At Wila, each employee is a part of the solution. This is because of the fact that each person possesses valuable knowledge and can contribute to the best possible result.

This means that everyone’s knowledge and innovative outputs will be utilized and spread from the construction department to the production line, and are a part of inputs, actions, and product optimization.

We help each other and have a profound understanding of our customers differences. We are driven by the desire and commitment to do our very best every day for all our customers.  

In addition, we are dedicated to doing things the right way. A commitment, which lies deep in the core of our DNA. For this reason, we always keep our word and live up to every promise we make. This applies to both our engagement and commitment as well as the shipment we agree upon. You can count on us and trust that we take full responsibility of our services all the way through your chain of values. This also makes collaboration as problem-free as possible. Not just from time to time, but many years into the future.

More bottom lines

At Wila, we have several bottom lines. As one is about economy and key figures, another revolves around people, society, and responsibility. Every day we challenge our goals and demands concerning CSR, from employee conditions to our own commitment to the local community and the responsibility we take as an essential player in our own city, market, and location.

We set ambitious goals for climate change mitigation and we are more than happy to work with you in relation to certification, traceability, and sustainable solutions that create competition and bottom lines.

Growth in a competitive world

At Wila, growth is not a presumption but a part of our daily routine. Together with our customers, we grow every day. We are proud of our many strong partnerships with customers and markets. By producing equipment and solutions in all sizes in stainless steel, we are part of the food chain as the producer of various products, especially within the food and beverage industry. With dedication and creativity, we contribute with solutions that live up to the high standards within hygiene and safety.

We call It: Innovation – driven by people.

Our strength comes from the mix between the people we collaborate with and those part of our team. A strength that we are proud of and which leads us into an exciting future together with our customers.

Mission: Wila contributes to better food production.

Vision: Wila’s brand present in all global process equipment within food processing.

Values: Innovation driven by trustworthy and dedicated people.

“At Wila A/S, we have a dedicated and skilled staff who perform all tasks with common sense, great professionalism, pride and expertise.”