4. December 2021

Kristine Buske

“The customer’s wishes and needs are our primary focus”

It is always the close dialogue between the customer and Wila’s specialists that paves the way for the good result at the other end of the production. At Wila’s sales and design department, no tasks are impossible.

Whether you are a new or existing customer at Wila, the dialogue about a task or a project always starts in the sales and design department. Not as a classic order to a supplier, but as a collaboration. Because it is the close sparring that is crucial for the good result. 

More than half of the customer inquiries are ideas that have not been fully designed. Here, the sales team is always ready with the right questions and suggestions, which are based on many years of product experience in the field of stainless steel. 

“It is always the customers’ wishes and needs that are our primary focus. We engage in a dialogue with them about price and design, and if the customer presents a drawing, we always have suggestions for making the final product cheaper or better,” says René Lauridsen, who is Sales Manager at Wila and who through his previous function as factory manager has great insight into Wila’s processes and customers.

The customer is involved from start to finish 

In contrast to the sales department, the design department is more about ongoing processes – constantly in close dialogue with the customers. A 3D drawing of the first proposals is made in order to set the right course for the project at the earliest stage possible together with the customer.

“We review the construction and the design of the task before we start the production department. In this way, we completely agree with the customer on how the end product should end up. This is important both to get the best possible product, but also to meet the delivery time towards the customer, which we take pride in,” says Key Account Manager Karsten Krogh Jørgensen.

Sometimes the products that Wila produces and delivers are part of a huge project where other suppliers come into play. Therefore, the 3D drawing is also an important tool for the customer to continue working with the project so that all elements fit together. The drawing is also reused for new orders for similar products or projects. 

Innovative drive makes everything possible

Wila’s slogan “Innovation driven by people” also shines through in the sales and design department. Because regardless of the customer’s wishes, there is never a task that is too difficult. Wila’s employees consists of a combination of a large experience database and fresh eyes and heads that know innovation like the back of their hands.

“Several of Wila’s employees have been in the industry for many years, and together we have several hundred years of experience. Regardless of the customer’s needs, we always have a good sparring partner to offer among our employees. That is why with peace of mind we never say no to a task, and we are always adaptable and ready to carry out customised solutions,” says Karsten Krogh Jørgensen.

A crucial player in Wila’s growth journey

Although the sales and design department is experienced, it is also a department in constant development. Especially right now, as Wila is well on its way to implementing its go-to-market strategy. Here, René Lauridsen emphasises that the innovative approach is more important than ever.

“Sales and design play a crucial role in Wila’s growth journey. We have the competencies we need in the design department, and in the sales department we make sure to groom our distributors outside Europe so that they know our range and competencies backwards. But our great focus on our customers’ wishes and design will not change,” he explains.

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“At Wila A/S, we have a dedicated and skilled staff who perform all tasks with common sense, great professionalism, pride and expertise.”