19. March 2021


Wila now ready for international markets

With a new go-to-market strategy, Wila is in full swing establishing itself on the international markets. By means of a thorough analysis, young academics have helped set the course, and digital initiatives will make Wila visible to new customers.

Germany, the US, Australia, and Turkey. These are some of the markets where Wila is going to apply its new go-to-market strategy. Two young academics have been employed for a period to select the right countries, establish the right price structure, examine competitive conditions in the countries in question and understand the various cultures. The work has involved a great deal of analyses.

Some countries have been chosen, and others have been abandoned. Two of the markets in which Wila is very interested are Australia and New Zealand; two or three large customers will probably be found there. However, the US is the first country to which Wila will direct its attention.

Steen Nordmark, Wila’s CCO, says:
We’re generally well underway when it comes to establishing distributor setups in the various countries; first in the US and in Canada where we have good customer relations already. In Canada we’ll sign a deal with a distributor very soon.”

“It’s only in the countries outside Europe that we need to find distributors who can represent us. The European countries Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Sweden are handled directly from our headquarters in Silkeborg,” adds Steen Nordmark.

Digital effort

Wila is well underway in terms of breaking into new markets, and the Mid-Jutland company will intensify this effort by making itself more visible to international customers. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic has meant that traditional business travel and physical business meetings cannot take place to the same extent as earlier.

For this reason, Wila’s new digital strategy will be an important instrument. A new English language website was launched in the beginning of this year. Along with Wila’s English language LinkedIn page this website continually features stories about Wila’s staff, assignments, strategic journey and DNA. At the same time presentation videos about the company and the product portfolio will make it easy for potential customers to see what Wila’s special strengths are.

Steen Nordmark says:
“Now that we can’t take part in fairs or visit customers, our digital lead generation is crucial to us being visible on the international markets.”

Security of supply will be upheld

But when a company aims to grow and enhance its international efforts it is no use to shoot from the hip. For this reason, it is part of Wila’s new strategy to concentrate on its core business.

“We’re going to focus on process equipment for the food industry. That’s what we’re going to launch on the international market. Obviously, there’ll be spinoffs and other assignments, but our main objective is for us to be a strong brand as a supplier to the food industry,” says Steen Nordmark.

But what about Wila’s existing, loyal customers? Will they notice that Wila is now aiming at new, international customers? No, on the contrary. “Wila is known for our security of supply, which has only improved over the past year. It’s now more than 98 %, and that won’t change – or rather, it’ll only get better. Therefore our customers don’t need to worry about getting a poorer service when we move into the international markets. We’ll be sticking to our core business and at the same time aim higher,” asserts Steen Nordmark.

“At Wila A/S, we have a dedicated and skilled staff who perform all tasks with common sense, great professionalism, pride and expertise.”