Privacy Policy

We only gather personal information in the cases where this is relevant for us, and we only want to gather personal information if it is relevant for your activity at Wila.

By gathering, processing and applying of your personal information, we always respect all relevant and effective legal provision.

We only want to store your personal information as long as we are prescribed a legal obligation or as long as it is relevant for the purpose for which it is gathered.

Information we gather

If you seek to buy and receive a product or service from us, we need to gather certain pieces of personal information to complete the trade and to offer you our services.

Wila gathers and processes your personal information when you do the following:

  • Visit our website
  • Send us questions, claims or feedback

The data processors liable

The data liable for gathering, processing and application of your personal information on is Wila, Mads Clausens Vej 14, 8600 Silkeborg.

Treatment basis and purpose

Your ordinary contact information such as name and address are only gathered to deliver the product or service you have bought from us. Your e-mail address is gathered to send you an order confirmation and a delivery confirmation.

Your information (except for your e-mail address, if you have given consent for receiving offers) will be deleted three years after you have received your product or service.

Other receivers of personal information

We do not sell your personal information to third party and we do not transfer your personal information to third-party countries.

We have our website at Simply which functions as our data processor. All personal information that you inform on our website will be stored in Simply’s data processing centres.

We use external companies as suppliers to deliver our services in the best possible way. These external suppliers are data processors and in some cases, they treat personal information as regards to delivery of services to us. Our data processors only treat personal information following our instruction and in conformity with the law’s requirements to data processors.

We have agreed on data processor arrangements with our data processors which is our and your guarantee that they conform with effective laws on protection of your personal information.

Your rights

As a registered user, you have a number of rights that we at any time will ensure fulfilment of. You have the right to request us for the following:

  • To access to and the right to have your personal information changed
  • To have your personal information deleted

If you do not longer want us to process your personal information or want to us limit the processing of your personal information, you can send a request regarding this to


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