18. May 2020

Pia Baun

Wila A/S gears the organization for an ambiguous strategic journey

Wila A/S is on a strategic growth journey and now hires Steen Nordmark in a newly established position as CCO. The objective for the new CCO is to utilize the potential that is found internationally.

It is with great pleasure that Wila A/S presents Steen Nordmark as CCO. He begins on June 1st, 2020 and will together with a commercial responsible decide a direction that will double revenue and earnings. Steen Nordmark will co-ordinate with the founder of the company, Lars Lauridsen who at the present time is sales director.

Wila A/S has through almost 20 years been able to continuously grow so that the company today is represented in 24 countries. The growth has come by sticking to old-fashioned virtues that are firmly anchored in the culture of the company where orderliness, honesty and persistence are a large part of the company’s DNA.

– Today, we are strongly represented in the segments of the food and dairy industry that need high technological solutions and components made of stainless steel for liquid products. With Steen in the lead, we want to strengthen our proactive and strategic sales effort. We especially want to focus on a bigger international presence and sales to the ingredient industry where our pressure pipes, tubular radiators, membrane filtration installations and many other products are one-to-one compatible, says CEO at Wila A/S, Ilhami Alici.

As CCO, Steen Nordmark oversees the sales and construction department which is the customers’ primary contact point in Wila A/S.

Steen Nordmark comes from a position as Managing Director at Caldic Ingredients Denmark A/S and he has a long career within the food industry. The last many years in managing positions. He therefore has knowledge and experience from the table which makes him the right person to strengthen the sales and construction department at Wila A/S.

– I look forward to applying my knowledge and experience from the food industry. It is going to be an exciting journey where my focus is not only pointed towards the market. What is most important to me is how we get the team of employees involved in the whole strategic process, says Steen Nordmark.

A statement which is in keeping with Wila A/S’ mindset – ‘Innovation – driven by people’

– I am impressed with how Lars has operated the company.

– Now we are going to work on the next part of the journey where we enter new markets and acquire new customers. I really look forward to taking the next step in collaboration with Lars, Ilhami and not least, all my future colleagues, concludes Steen Nordmark.

Steen Nordmark is 54 years old and lives in Silkeborg with his wife Susanne who is HR consultant at Silkeborg Commune. The couple together have three adult sons.
Wila A/S develops and produces high technological solutions and components of stainless steel for use within i.a. the food, pharma and measuring industry. The company is founded in 1998 and has approximately 74 employees and is based in Silkeborg. See more on www.wila.dk.

For further information, contact: Ilhami Alici, CEO – +45 5151 6785

“At Wila A/S, we have a dedicated and skilled staff who perform all tasks with common sense, great professionalism, pride and expertise.”