6. May 2022

Kristine Buske

Wila backs the local apprentice network

There is no doubt about how Wila has built its success over the years. Our staff always comes first, which is why we take great care when recruiting and training skilled apprentices, who will carry our good values on into the world. The apprenticeship network in Silkeborg is a prime example of this. 

The goal of the network is to make it more interesting to become an apprentice within the craft trades in the town of Silkeborg. This network was created by Silkeborg Business, and when Wila was asked if the company would run for representation in the network committee, our commitment was never left in doubt.

Wila already has a strong tradition of offering apprenticeships and sees it as our duty to support activities relevant to apprentices. The young people in the network enjoy the opportunity to meet each other and thereby gain insight into different industries. The initiatives include apprenticeship events at Silkeborg Stadium.

On Thursday 5 May, the network started a new tradition, where the newly trained apprentices received handshakes and a diploma from the Mayor of Silkeborg, Helle Gade. This was attended by the two apprentice managers at Wila, Tom Jensen and Michael Nielsen. The programme included speeches, sparkling drinks and traditional Danish marzipan wreath cake.

“The mayor’s handshake is a nice way to honor our talented apprentices in Silkeborg. This year, there were no apprentices present from Wila, but next year we will have fully trained three apprentices, each of whom will enjoy the opportunity to get a mayoral handshake, and we look forward to this,” says Tom Jensen, Quality Manager at Wila A/S.   

Passing on the values

Over the past few years, Wila has recruited more apprentices than usual. In part due to the desire to support the training and education of young people, but also due to the current shortage of skilled labour.

“Wila’s DNA is based on human-driven innovation. Therefore, it is very important that we take apprentices under our wings, so that we can ensure a skilled and competent workforce well-suited to our team – which shares Wila’s strong human values,” states Tom Jensen, Quality Manager at Wila A/S.

Read more about how Wila participate in attracting people to crafts in the link below.

“At Wila A/S, we have a dedicated and skilled staff who perform all tasks with common sense, great professionalism, pride and expertise.”