29. May 2019


Wila A/S expands the owner group in sale to a private equity fund

Wila sells 40 percent of the shares to the private equity fund Industri Udvikling to strengthen the future opportunities for both employees and business partners.

Wila A/S has by May 29 sold 40 percent of the company’s shares to the investment company Industri Udvikling for an undisclosed amount. The deal has been concluded with a view to strengthen Wila’s growth journey from its base in Silkeborg, and CEO and founder of Wila, Lars Lauridsen, retains the majority shareholding in the company.

– With the new partner, we wish to continue our current work of professionalizing the company and constantly becoming better at what we do. We welcome having as skilled and growth-oriented a partner as Industri Udvikling in the ownership of Wila A/S, it is a huge competence boost for us, says Lars Lauridsen, CEO of Wila A/S.

Strong company with great potential

Dan Højgaard Jensen, Industri Udvikling, looks forward to the cooperation with Wila, a company for which he sees great opportunities moving forward.

– We see Wila as a strong, well-run company with a good history, a good culture and a great potential. Wila has the ambition to continue the growth of the last many years as a supplier of high-quality solutions for, among other sectors, food, pharma and measurement equipment. We look forward to being part of that journey over the following years. We are very pleased with the opportunity of collaborating with Wila on the development of the company to the next level, says Dan Højgaard Jensen, CEO of Industri Udvikling.

The goal is clear

Wila is experiencing a growing interest both in Denmark and abroad for the company’s solutions and products, where the food and pharmaceutical industries account for a large part of the demand. The goal is to double the revenue by strengthening the offer to the customers and constantly ensuring that the entire platform of the company is well-equipped to support the growth.

– We have spent the past two decades building Wila up to what it is today. For the next step, we need some of the competences that Industri Udvikling is bringing in. We expect to be going through a major development over the coming years and expect to strengthen the organization within, especially, sales and product development, reveals Lars Lauridsen.

For Lars Lauridsen and his wife and co-owner, Jette Wittrup, it has been a huge decision to sell a part of Wila, but they both agree that it is the right time, the right buyer and not least the right decision to pass on a part of the leadership to new competent forces.

– This will be good for all parties, not least the employees, and I for one is looking forward to seeing where we can take Wila in cooperation with Industri Udvikling, adds Lars Lauridsen.

Wila A/S develops and manufactures high-tech solutions and components of stainless steel for use in, among other things, the food, pharmaceutical and measurement industries. The company was founded in 1998, has approx. 75 employees and located in Silkeborg. www.wila.dk

Industri Udvikling A/S is a Danish-owned capital fund specializing in medium-sized Danish companies with significant growth potential.

Dealhaus also assisted in the transaction.

For questions, please contact:

Lars Lauridsen, CEO, Wila A/S, tel. +45 2345 4564

Dan Højgaard Jensen, Industri Udvikling A/S, tel. +45 2332 7650

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