25. January 2021


Welcome to our new homepage

Wila has launched a new homepage which will provide user-friendliness and a clear positioning on the market. The homepage is the last step in launching Wila’s new visual identity which clearly becomes apparent on the page through the new logo, the colors and the expression.

The desire for a new homepage has been a long time coming for Wila. It’s part of a strategic journey with a more focused business and not least, a stronger positioning on Wila’s existing markets – as well as new markets.

-We want to position ourselves even more globally and this requires us to be clear in our communication. Therefore, we have created a new homepage to make it more user-friendly and well-arranged, says CCO Steen Nordmark who points out that the global focus has contributed to the homepage now having English as the principal language to reach out to more countries.

Clear communication

One of the main focuses of establishing the new homepage is to make Wila’s expertise clear.

-We have emphasized showing what we are good at. Formerly, we said that we were capable of doing everything. Instead, we want to show what products we are experts in and the industries we primarily work with, says Steen Nordmark who at the same time emphasizes that this does not exclude other industries, because the food industry is under constant development which entails continuous innovation on Wila’s part.

Future plans

Along with the launch of Wila’s new homepage, the goal is that even more potential customers, cooperating partners and future employees will become familiar with Wila.

-We are proud of what we can do, and we want to demonstrate this to more people. With our new homepage and our new visual identity, we feel that we have a good foundation for this. It’s a moving platform that we can constantly further develop with new stories, products, and possibilities. 

Welcome to our new homepage.

“At Wila A/S, we have a dedicated and skilled staff who perform all tasks with common sense, great professionalism, pride and expertise.”