1. February 2024

Mette-Katrine Francke Andersen

Advancing Food Technology: Join Wila at Anuga FoodTec this year

This year, Anuga FoodTec is back in Cologne, and we look forward to exhibiting at the fair for the second time.

We see Anuga FoodTec as an essential platform for inspiring innovation, fostering collaboration, and shaping the future of food processing and production – and we hope that you will join us at the fair from March 19th to 22nd.

Building Strong Connections

At Wila, we believe in fostering meaningful relationships built on mutual respect and understanding. With the implementation of our new go-to-market strategy, we’ve made significant steps towards establishing ourselves internationally, reaching markets across Europe and the US. 

Events like Anuga FoodTec provide invaluable opportunities to connect with customers and partners. Meeting face-to-face can deepen our dialogue, foster trust, and lay the foundation for long-term collaboration.

“We’re excited to engage with our customers and partners at Anuga FoodTec. It’s about more than just showcasing our solutions; it’s about sharing our passion for innovation in the food industry and building bridges across borders.”

Steen Nordmark, Chief Commercial Officer at Wila A/S
Show Anuga Foodtec Trade fair
Karsten Jørgensen and Steen Nordmark at Anuga FoodTec 2022

Look for Wila in the Danish Pavilion, where our team of experts will be on hand to share insights, discuss our capabilities, and answer any questions you may have. Here, we’ll also have a display with selected products to provide a firsthand look at our innovative solutions.

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Anuga FoodTec offers a platform to discover, connect, and shape the future of the industry. From sustainable packaging solutions to advanced processing technologies, the event promises to be grand for the food and beverage sector. 

We want to invite our business partners to the fair to strengthen connections and spark conversations. For more information about Anuga FoodTec, please visit the official website: Anuga FoodTec.

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