1. June 2022


Showcasing our products around the world

Now you can see our products displayed firsthand. A new Product Unit enables us to showcase our product line and along with this, the great quality and broad variety that we can ensure for our customers.

Wila is well on its way to entering new international markets and the company has taken many approaches into account as part of the go-to-market strategy. Our costumers as well as potential customers should be able to reach us both digital and physical – that is why we have implemented initiatives on both levels since the launch of the new strategy. 

Strengthening our digital presence    

Wila has launched a new homepage that provides user-friendliness and a clear positioning in the market. Reinforcing our digital presence enables us to showcase products, new stories, and possibilities – further connecting us to potential customers and new international markets.

“We are proud of what we can do, and we want to demonstrate this to more people. With our new homepage and our new visual identity, we feel that we have a good foundation for this” – Steen Nordmark, CCO at Wila A/S

Meeting our customers around the world 

At Wila we have a strong history of close cooperation with our customers. We do so by meeting as many of our customers in person as possible. We believe that by meeting potential customers at eye level we will strengthen the dialogue and thereby create long-lasting cooperations.

Words put into action   

One thing is reading about our products, another thing is to see the products firsthand. Our new product unit enables us to showcase our product line and along with this, the great quality and broad variety that we can ensure our customers.  

“With our new product unit, we can display many of our most popular components, showcasing different surface finish, welding methods and standards – it has been a privilege to create the unit together with our team of very skilled craftsmen” – Hjalmar Thorvaldsson, Mechanical Engineer at Wila A/S  

The product unit was designed and manufactured for Anuga FoodTec in Cologne this spring and this summer you can see our products displayed at FoTeg Istanbul from 9-11 June 2022. Here, our unit will be part of the Neumo exhibition at stand B15 in hall 1.

“At Wila A/S, we have a dedicated and skilled staff who perform all tasks with common sense, great professionalism, pride and expertise.”