29. July 2020

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Membrane housings

In the food industry and beverage industry membrane housings are often used in systems to reduce or eliminate microbials to make products safe for consumption and to extend their shelf life. We produce membrane housings for membrane filtration in the food industry for liquid-containing products such as juice, beer, soy, whey, milk, milk powder, chocolate etc.

Wila membrane housings benefits:

  • 3A, PED and Asme certified hygienic top-quality design
  • Customer-specific designed for your needs  
  • Smooth and easy openings 

Our base range membrane housings are designed for 4”, 6” and 8” membranes, 1 to 6 elements, with pressure rating up to 64 bar. The 4” and 6” housings’ blind and permeate ends consist of standard dairy clamp ferrule connections while a slightly modified aseptic clamp assembly is used for the 8” low pressure housing. Both higher pressure 8” housing versions have O-ring sealed dished ends with a special circlip-like locking ring for easy membrane replacement and cleaning.

The membrane housings’ feed and retentate side ports are made by collaring the housing shell, which gives smooth and easy to clean openings. All materials, welds, grinding and other finish is of the highest dairy standards. Optionally, due to their design, optimized manufacturing processes and high quality, the membrane housings can be delivered with a certificate of compliance with the 3A hygienic standard.

Housing lines
MH                      With same side or 180° weld-on feed and retentate connections
MHC                    With same side or 180° clamp ferrule feed and retentate connections
MHCA                 Same as MHC with a 3A surface finish and certificate

Feed, retentate and permeate clamp ferrule connections in accordance with ISO 2852-2 or DIN 32676-A standards.

Pressure rating
Low                     Designed for MF and UF filtration          8” PN12 and 6” PN16
Medium              Designed for NF and RO filtration          8” PN40 and 4” PN4
High                    Designed for higher RO filtration            8” PN64

Filtration processes
MF = Micro Filtration, UF = Ultra Filtration, NF = Nano Filtration, RO = Reverse Osmosis

Housing types

-4-40 bar-6-16bar-8-12 bar-8-40bar-8-64 bar

Type examples:       MH-4-40bar, MHA-8-12bar, MHC-8-64bar and MHCA-6-16bar

Please be aware our membrane housings include a complete set of blind and permeate end!

Sanitary Standards

3-A Sanitary Standards, Inc. was incorporated as an independent not-for-profit corporation in 2002 dedicated to the mission of advancing food safety through hygienic equipment design. The membership consists of four associations: American Dairy Products Institute, International Dairy Foods Association, Food Processing Suppliers Association and the International Association for Food Protection.

Today’s 3-A SSI maintains a large inventory of design criteria for equipment and processing systems developed using a modern consensus process based on ANSI requirements to promote acceptance by USDA, FDA and state regulatory authorities. 3-A SSI oversees the 3-A Symbol Authorization program and other voluntary certificates to help affirm the integrity of hygienic processing equipment and systems.

At Wila our membrane housing are 3A certified, please contact our sales department for more information.

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